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About Fibonacci



Fibonacci (FIB) is a token that does not let the price drop below 0.618 ratio from the All Time High (ATH). Every new ATH sets the price floor to a new high.

FIB is paired against BNB, rather than a stable token. As the price of BNB drops, the chart indicator will show the price of FIB has dropped below the floor. Please look at the chart using BNB pairing, not USD, if you want to see the real movements against BNB.

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Anti-Dump & Other Mechanisms

Fibonacci has features unlike any others in the space. In order to decrease manipulation and dumps, there is a limit to how many tokens can be held by a single wallet and how many can be sold in a single transaction. Each wallet is limited to 1% of the supply. Likewise only 1% of the supply can be bought or sold in a single transaction. These features, as well as the taxes, ensure your investment is safe with Fibonacci.


The tax increases with each sell within a two-week period and resets two weeks after the last sell. Each wallet that holds FIB can sell 7 times with increasing tax, before the wallet’s ability to sell is disabled for two weeks. Transactions are limited to 1% of the supply.

Any added liquidity is permanently locked and not retrievable.

Liquidity - 3%
Developer - 1.5%
Reflections - 0.5%
Burn - 0.5%
1st Sell - 4%
2nd Sell - 20%
3rd Sell - 48%
4th Sell - 60%
5th Sell - 88%
6th Sell - 92%
7th Sell - 96%
8th Sell - Selling Disabled

ATH (All Time High) tax is is applied when the the chart has reached a new all time high. 

Sellling within 5% of the ATH incurs an additional 12.5% tax.

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